How to Submit a Location Challenge

The FCC’s National Broadband Map shows individual points that identify buildings or structures – such as a home, apartment or condo building, or small business building – where internet service is, or could be, available.  You can see these points by searching for an address on the National Broadband Map at  These location points are part of a dataset called the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric.

What Are the Points and How Can I Challenge?

When you click on a point on the map, the information about that location will appear on the right.  This information includes the address, whether the location is business or residential (or both), and the number of separate units associated with that location.

If you believe that any of the information about the location is incorrect, you can request a correction to it by filling out the form that appears when you click on the Location Challenge link to the right of the address.

Note that the location information on the Broadband Map is basic information about the structure itself.  It does not include any information about the individuals who live or work in a building.

What Do the Different Point Colors Mean?

Each location point shown on the map is color-coded:

Green locations have internet services available to them, based upon the technology and speed filters set to display and as reported by an internet service provider.

Red locations do not have internet services available at the applicable technology and speed filters.

Gray locations represent buildings or structures that are not likely to use the broadband internet access services typically sold to homes and small businesses; they likely instead use commercial-grade broadband services.

Purple locations indicate that you are viewing the mobile coverage map. You should select the “Fixed Broadband” tab on the upper right-hand side to submit a Location Challenge.

What Can Be Challenged?

  • Missing Location: A location – like a home or small business - where consumer internet service is or could be available is missing from the map.
  • Misidentified Location: A location's broadband service is incorrectly identified (for example, a gray point is really a home or small business that does not take a commercial-grade internet service).
  • Incorrect Information: Information such as the address or unit count for the location is incorrect.
  • Incorrect Placement on the Map: The location's placement (its geographic coordinates) is incorrect – for example, the structure identified as the point to which internet service is delivered is incorrect.

Filling out the Location Challenge Form

After you select the Location Challenge link on the right-hand side of the location’s address, a form will open.

  1. Enter your contact information (your name and email are required so that we can contact you; your phone number is optional).
  2. Select the type of challenge you wish to file from the drop-down menu. The remaining fields will update based on the type of challenge you select.
  3. Describe why the information is incorrect or, if you have documentation to support your challenge, upload a file.
  4. Check the certification box.
  5. Click Submit.

The challenge will then be submitted and reviewed by the FCC.  The map will then reflect that a challenge has been filed for the location and, once a decision on the challenge has been made, it will be reflected in a future update to the map.

What if the Location is Missing on the Map?

If the location you’re looking for is missing from the map, while viewing Fixed Broadband, zoom to the general area and click on the map where your home or business is located.  A point will appear on the map, and the system will display a small rectangle above the point showing its geographic coordinates, along with a Challenge Location button.

Click on the Challenge Location button and then complete the form that is displayed.  Don’t forget to check the certification box at the bottom and click Submit to submit your challenge.

Please note that you may drag a pin on the inset map displayed on the challenge form to more precisely indicate where your home or small business is located.

Learn more about what happens when you submit location challenges:


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