Overview of Bulk Fixed Availability Challenges

As part of the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection (BDC), service providers, governments, and other entities may file bulk challenges in response to the fixed broadband availability data reported by broadband providers and published on the FCC’s National Broadband Map.  Entities can also submit individual challenges using the “Availability Challenge” form on the Broadband Map.

Submitting Bulk Challenges

All entities submitting bulk fixed availability challenges must upload data files in the BDC system.  More information about how to prepare these files is discussed in a separate article, “How to Format Bulk Fixed Challenge or Crowdsource Data.”  The data files must identify the locations and provider being challenged and the reason for the challenge, using one of the reasons listed below:  

  • Provider failed to schedule a service installation within 10 business days of a request.
  • Provider did not install the service at the agreed-upon time.
  • Provider requested more than the standard installation fee to connect the location.
  • Provider denied the request for service.
  • Provider does not offer the technology at the location.
  • Provider does not offer the speed(s) shown on the National Broadband Map for purchase at the location.
  • No wireless or satellite signal is available at the location.
  • New, non-standard equipment is required to connect the location. 

Bulk Fixed Availability Challenge Methodology

Bulk challengers must enter information, in a web form in the BDC system, about the methodology used to collect the bulk fixed availability challenge information.  There are three options:

  1. Knowledge of Infrastructure. This knowledge could be based on, for example, local building permit records, rights-of-way records, franchise agreements, or an on-the-ground examination of broadband infrastructure in a particular structure.  Filers must upload a file that contains evidence to support the information in the fixed availability challenge.
  2. Information Collected from Individual Consumers. This option would be based on information collected from individual consumers about the broadband services available, and not available, to them. Contact details must be provided for each individual consumer whose information is used in a challenge made using this method.
  3. Any methodology not based on the first two options. With this option, contact details must be provided for the individual associated with each challenge.  Note that the results of fixed speed tests cannot be used as a methodology for fixed availability challenges.  Speed test  data on fixed broadband services should be submitted as bulk crowdsource data.

The fields that must be entered in the web form are listed in the table below.  Note that if methodology is “Information Collected from Individual Consumers” or “Other,” then the contact information fields listed below are not collected via this form but will be collected in the upload file.





Knowledge of Infrastructure

The methodology and source of the information contained within the bulk fixed challenge data.

- Value must be one of the following:

• Knowledge of Infrastructure

• Information Collected from Individual Consumers

• Other

Methodology Description


Narrative explanation of how the information contained within the bulk fixed challenge data was gathered.

-Value may be null if the methodology value is “Knowledge of Infrastructure.”

Contact Name

John Broadband

Full name of the contact associated with the bulk challenge.

Contact Email


Email address of the contact associated with the bulk challenge.

- Value must match valid email address form if not null, e.g.: atom@domain.tld.

Contact Phone Number


Phone number of the contact associated with the bulk challenge.

-Value is optional and may be null.

- If entered, value must match valid US phone number format: 000-000-0000.




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