How Providers Can Respond to Fixed Crowdsource Data

The public can submit fixed crowdsource information in response to the broadband availability data reported by broadband providers.  Crowdsource data can be submitted for an individual location through the map interface, or as a bulk submission through the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) system.

Once a crowdsource submission is accepted by the FCC, it is passed on to the provider.  A provider may, but is not required to, respond to fixed crowdsource information (Note: Providers must respond to fixed challenges.  For information on how crowdsource data differs from challenges, please see the "Differences between Bulk Fixed Availability Challenge Data and Crowdsource Data" article.)

When a fixed crowdsource submission is passed on to a provider, it will appear in the BDC system.  Click “Fixed Challenges” on the Submissions Dashboard.

Then click on “Fixed Crowdsourced” to view the submission(s).

The provider should review the crowdsource information, and to the extent that it alerts the provider that the availability data it reported in the BDC is inaccurate, the provider should revise its data in order to correct any inaccuracies.

If the provider decides to respond to the crowdsource submission, it may do so by clicking on the “Respond” hyperlink under the “Action” Header, as shown below:

The “Respond to Crowdsourced Data” modal allows a provider to enter a narrative response to the crowdsourced data, as shown below.  This response will be shared with the filer of the crowdsourced information. This will not change the availability data reported for the locations included in the crowdsource submission.  Providers that need to correct their availability data will need to revise their filing for the relevant filing window(s).

The FCC may use crowdsource data to identify instances or patterns of potentially inaccurate or incomplete data that warrant further investigation or review.

Learn more about how to revise a BDC filing in the “"Revising a Submitted BDC Filing" article.

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