How to Optimize My Data for Efficient BDC Upload

While the BDC system can support much larger file sizes, the optimal file size for faster processing is approximately 200-300MB.  We recommend performing the following steps before submitting large polygon data:

  1. Split large coverage areas into smaller pieces (e.g., by state or market), each as a separate file. 
  2. Run a GIS process to subdivide complex polygons (e.g., ArcGIS Dice tool, QGIS Subdivide tool) to limit the number of nodes/vertices to < 10,000 – recommended value for ArcGIS Dice is 7500 vertices. 
  3. Run a GIS process to convert multipart polygons to single part polygons (e.g., ArcGIS Multipart to Singlepart, QGIS Multipart to Singleparts) to split each distinct polygon into its own record. 
  4. Run a GIS process to repair any invalid geometries (e.g., ArcGIS Repair Geometry, QGIS Fix Geometries) into valid "OGC" standard polygons.
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