How to View and Manage Location and Availability Challenges

Viewing Challenges

After creating an account (see How to Create an FCC User Account) and logging in using the username and password you created, you can see a list of all of the challenges associated with your account listed under the relevant tab – Location Fabric, Availability Challenge, or Availability Crowdsourced – as shown below:

For more information on the status of a particular challenge, click on the ID number associated with the challenge in the ID column.

If a provider entered additional information when submitting a response to your challenge, you’ll be able to see that information there.

Withdrawing Challenges

If you no longer believe that your challenge is accurate or relevant, you may withdraw it.  Withdraws can be made as long as the process for reviewing and deciding the outcome of a challenge has not been completed.  Challenges that have been adjudicated cannot be withdrawn.

To withdraw a Location Challenge, click the check box located to the left of the listed challenge ID.  Then click “Withdraw” at the top left of the table, as shown below.

To withdraw an availability challenge, having selected the "Availability Challenge" tab, click the check box located to the left of the listed challenge ID.  Then click “Action” at the top left of the table.  From the “Action” dropdown menu, select “Withdraw” to withdraw the selected challenges.

Disputing a Provider’s Reporting of Concurrence with an Availability Challenge

When a provider responds to an availability challenge filed against its reported coverage, it can indicate in the BDC system that it has reached a “challenger concurrence,” or an agreement, with the challenger about the outcome of the challenge.  If you disagree with a provider’s assertion that you concur with its response, and you continue to believe that your challenge is valid, you may dispute the provider’s reporting of your concurrence.  To do this, check the box to the left of the listed challenge ID, go to “Action” at the top left of the table (see below) and select “Dispute Concurrence” from the dropdown menu. 

After doing so, a window will appear asking if you are sure you want to dispute the concurrence for the selected Challenge ID (see below).  If you do wish to dispute, click the red “Dispute” button.  If not, click the “Close” button.

After you dispute the provider’s report of your concurrence, the details of the challenge, which you can see by selecting the link with the challenge ID number, will change from showing that you concur with the provider's response to showing that you dispute the provider’s response, as shown below:

Challengers that require additional assistance with logging in to the BDC system, or with withdrawing  or responding to challenges, can submit a help request using the Get Help form.

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