How to Complete the Entity Information Page: Service Providers

To start the process, select “Service Provider” from the “Select Entity Type” drop-down menu. Based on your Entity selection, the page will display the required fields for that Entity type. All fields must be filled out unless they are specifically marked as “optional.”


As a Service Provider, you are required to notify the FCC of whether you are an Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) or a non-ILEC provider.

ILEC providers are Entities that were providing traditional local exchange telephone service in a particular area on Feb. 8, 1996, the date on which the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted into law. Each such area has a six-digit Study Area Code (SAC). For more information, see 47 CFR § 51.5.

If you are an ILEC provider, you will need to enter Study Area Codes and Form 499 Filer IDs on this Entity Information page. You will also be required to file Fixed Voice Subscription Data. If at any point you upload Fixed Voice Subscription Data as an ILEC provider, but then wish to change your ILEC status for any future submissions, you must first delete any Fixed Voice Data before changing your ILEC/Non-ILEC status.

Brand Name(s)

Enter any Brand Names associated with your Entity. After entering a Brand Name in the field, select “tab” or “enter” on your keyboard to enter the name. If you do not select “tab” or “enter”, the Brand Name will not be saved in the form.


To delete a previously entered name in the Brand Name(s) field, click the “X” next to the desired entry.

Holding Company/Common Control Name

If you have previously submitted your Holding Company name to the FCC via the BDC application or Form 477 data, your Holding Company name should be pre-populated in this field. You can change the name by clicking the “Edit” icon.

If you are a first-time user of the application, you will need to include your company name in this field.

Enter the parent company name or other name used to associate the filings of all common-owned or commonly controlled Entities. If there is a Holding Company structure, the single name should cover all Entities. If there is no Holding Company structure, the commonly-controlled Entities should decide on the single name to use.

As you type in your Holding Company/Common Control Name, you can select from a pre-populated list. If you choose to enter a name that is not in the pre-populated list, you can type in the name and hit “enter”.


Website URL

Enter the URL that your Entity uses to conduct primary business. This should be a valid domain name that ends in .com, .net, etc., and it must use a valid internet protocol (http:// or https://). If your Entity does not have a website, then click the checkbox to confirm that.

Study Area Codes (SACs)

Voice Service Providers eligible for Universal Service Fund support (Eligible Telecommunications Carriers, or ETCs) have a six-digit Study Area Code (SAC). This includes all ILECs as well as some other fixed voice and mobile voice providers. Each fixed or mobile voice provider covered by this filing that is an ETC must enter its SAC(s). Additional information is available at

The Study Area Codes box will auto-complete based on your entry. You can search by six-digit code or by typing in the name of the SAC. When you find the desired SAC, click the name to include it in the form. If you mistakenly choose an incorrect SAC, click the “x” to delete it from the form.

If you do not have any Study Area Codes associated with your Entity, click the checkbox below the form. ILEC providers are required to provide a Study Area Code.


Note:  The list of Study Area Codes used in the BDC application are not updated in real-time. If your SAC was issued recently, it may not be included in the pre-populated list. If this is the case, click the checkbox to signify that your company does not have an assigned SAC. When Certifying your submission, use the Explanations and Comments section to provide the FCC with the recently updated SAC information. This will allow you to enter the information in future filings.

Form 499 Filer IDs

All providers of telecommunications services should have a Form 499 Filer ID.

You can search for your Form 499 Filer ID here. When you see the desired Form 499 Filer ID, click its name to add it into the form. If you mistakenly choose an incorrect Form 499 Filer ID, click the “X” to delete it from the form.

If you do not have a Form 499 Filer ID for your Entity, click the checkbox below the form:


Contact Information

Service providers are required to submit the following contact information:

  • Data Contact Information - The Data Contact is responsible for answering questions from FCC staff about the data. You may always specify a different Data Contact when you certify a submission.
  • Emergency Operations Contact Information - The Emergency Operations Contact (EOC) is responsible for providing information concerning network status during natural disasters or other emergencies. You can specify a different EOC for each submission.
  • Certifying Official Contact Information - Enter the default contact information for the official (corporate officer, managing partner, or sole proprietor) whose signature certifies the validity of information included in a submission. You may always specify a different Certifying Official Contact for each submission.
    • You will also be required to enter address information for the Certifying Official Contact. To do so, select the “International Address” option to enter an address outside of the United States.
  • Certifying Engineer Contact Information - Enter the default contact information for the certified professional engineer or corporate engineering officer who has direct knowledge of, or responsibility for, generating the Availability Data (and Supporting Data). This individual must certify that he or she has checked the information in the submission for accuracy and found it in accordance with the entity's ordinary course of network design and engineering.

Note:  By clicking the box that says “This company submits only fixed voice subscription data and is not required to submit an engineering certification,” your Entity will be prohibited from uploading Availability Data or Supporting Data once you get to the Submission Overview page.

After you have finished providing the required information, click the “Save” button to continue.

Once the information has been saved successfully, you will then be automatically redirected to the Submissions Dashboard page.

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