How to Sign In and Entity Selection

BDC Login Page

The BDC application is accessible at


The first time that you access the BDC system you are asked to agree to the terms of service, after which you are taken to the entry page.


This page contains three links to the most important BDC resources. They are the BDC Home page, additional BDC Resources, and the BDC Help Center, which offers assistance related to:

  • Availability Data - How to prepare Availability Data for the BDC
  • Subscription Data - How to prepare Subscription Data for the BDC
  • The Location Fabric - What the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric is and how to access it
  • Video Resources
  • Key Reference Documents

The entry page also contains a "Sign In" button, which takes you to the main sign-in page. There you will see Username and Password fields that must be entered before you continue.


If you are having issues with your username and/or password, click on the “Need help signing in?” link below the “Sign In” button. That link will expand to feature two additional links for “Forgot Password?” and “Help”.


If you require additional assistance signing in, the “Help” link will take you to an external Okta page that can address any additional sign-on questions you may have.

Resetting Your Password

To reset your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link from the main sign-in page, then enter your email address or username in the form.


Entity Selection Page Overview

The Entity Selection page allows you to access all FRNs associated with your username in the Commission Registration System (CORES). While most users are only associated with a single FRN, users who manage multiple FRNs are able to access them through this centralized location.

Note:  If you do not see any FRNs populating this page, or you believe that this page may be missing FRNs, please contact the Help Center:


Each row of the table includes of the following columns:

  • FRN - The Entity’s FCC Registration Number
  • Entity Name - The name of the Entity. This Entity Name is clickable and will allow you to progress through the BDC application.
  • Entity Type - Your Entity will be one of either a “Service Provider”, “Government”, or “Other” Entity
  • Filing Status - An icon with a tooltip that signifies the filing status of the most recent Filing Window for that Entity. The filing status will be one of the following:
    • Original - In Progress: For the most recent Filing Window, your submission has never been Certified
    • Original - Certified: For the most recent Filing Window, your submission is currently Certified
    • Revised - In Progress: For the most recent Filing Window, your submission was Certified at one point, but has been Decertified and a Revised Certification is currently in progress
    • Revised - Certified: For the most recent Filing Window, your submission was Certified at one point, and then was Decertified, but has since been Recertified
  • Action Required - An icon with a tooltip that will alert you of the need to 1) Start your Submission or 2) Complete your in-progress Submission. This icon will only be displayed for Service Providers.

Accessing Multiple FRNs through the Entity Selection Page

Once logged into the system, you will see a table listing all FRNs associated with your username. This list may only include one FRN but can also include several FRNs that you can choose from.

Each column name is sortable, so you can arrange the columns either alphabetically or numerically by clicking on column names. The table defaults to show a list of 10 FRNs, but it can be expanded by clicking the “Show 10 Items” button on the right side of the screen and changing the list to your desired length.


Note:  For users with multiple FRNs, you can quickly select a different FRN by using the menu in the top-right corner. Simply click on your name, and then select “Entity Selection” from the menu that appears (as shown below).


Hiding and Unhiding FRNs

If you have multiple FRNs within your Entity Selection table, you may want to hide or unhide any FRNs from your view. To do so, first click on the checkbox next to the FRN(s) that you want to hide.


Next, click on the eyeball icon in the first column and select “Hide Selected”


Any FRNs you selected will now be hidden from your Entity Selection table. If you want to unhide any previously hidden FRNs, click the “Hidden FRNs” link just above the Entity Selection table.


From there, you will see a list of FRNs you have hidden from the Entity Selection table. Click the checkbox next to the FRN you want to unhide, click the “Show Selected” button.


The FRNs you originally selected to hide will now reappear in the Entity Selection table.

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