Revising a Submitted BDC Filing

If you need to revise a filing that you've submitted in the BDC system, you must decertify your data, modify the data or upload a new filing, and the recertify.  

Decertifying Your Data Submission 

  1. Go to the Submission Overview page. 
  2. Locate the Certification box. 
  3. Click Decertify Submission. You will have two decertification options
    • Starting from an empty filing – All submission data will clear from the system, and you will now have a “blank canvas” to start your submission again from scratch. 
    • Retaining the current filing data and modifying as necessary – This will allow you to keep your existing data and to modify specific pieces of the submission.  Your modifications will require you to re-run Final Data Checks before returning to Certification. 

Once decertified your Filing Status will be updated to Revised – In Progress on on the Submissions Dashboard, Entity Selection, and Submission Overview pages. 

Recertifying Your Data Submission 

After you have decertified a filing and it is in Revised – In Progress status, you can take the following steps to recertify the filing: 

  1. Be sure that you have uploaded and entered all of the required Subscription Data (if you are a service provider), Availability Data, and Supporting Data. 
  2. Run the Final Data Checks. 
  3. Confirm your map data. 
  4. Enter explanatory text for any warnings. 
  5. Click the Certification Status Box on the Submission Overview page. 
    • The Certification language is the same as in your original submission.  However, you must now select the reason for your recertification from the new dropdown menu. 
    • If you select Another reason that I’ll explain in the comment box below, you will need to enter Explanations and Comments before you can re-certify your submission. 
  6. Click the checkbox: I hereby Certify this Data Submission. 
  7. Click Certify Submission. The Submission Overview page will appear, and you will see a Success box, notifying you that your Data Submission is now under review.  All Submission Steps will have green check marks.  A green Submission Certified status will appear over Data As-Of Date on the right side of the page. 

The Filing Status in the Biannual Filing Window on the Submission Overview page will now reflect your Certification status as Revised – Certified.  This will also update on the Submissions Dashboard and Entity Selection pages. 

Your submission within the BDC Application will be read-only.  You cannot edit it unless you decertify again. You can still navigate throughout the application to view submitted data, download your data, and review your submission on a map. 

The BDC application archives all certified submissions. 

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