Quick Start Guide: Submitting Mobile Broadband Subscription and Availability Data

These are the steps to submit a filing of Mobile Broadband Availability and Subscription Data in the BDC system, along with links to other resources for information on specific steps.

You can also view the Webinar on Using the BDC System and the BDC User Guide for more information.

1. If you don’t have one, get a Username, Password, and FRN from the FCC's Commission Registration System.

a. Commission Registration System Video Tutorials

b. Other registration issues? ULS call center (Phone: 1-877-480-3201)

2. Log into the BDC system.

a. Go to http://bdc.fcc.gov/

b. Log in using the Username and Password created in CORES: How to Log In to the BDC System Video

3. From the Entity Selection page of the BDC system, select an FRN for which you wish to submit BDC data.  

a. How to Sign In and Entity Selection

b. If you don’t see your FRN, you need to ensure your FRN is associated with your CORES username: Commission Registration System Video Tutorials

4. Fill out the Entity Information page.

a. How to Complete the Entity Information Page

b. How to Complete the Entity Information Page Video

5. From the Submissions Dashboard, click Create Submission and select Biannual, or select an existing submission.  

6. Prepare and upload Mobile Broadband Subscription Data: 

a. How to Format Mobile Broadband Subscription Data

7. Prepare and upload Mobile Broadband Availability Data: 

a. Formatting Mobile Broadband Availability Coverage Maps

b. Preparing for Mobile Availability Data Submissions Video

8. Review the map in the BDC system: How to use the Review Map Function for Availability Data.

9. Encounter any error messages? Issues or Errors You May Encounter Video

10. Prepare and upload Supporting Data as required:

a. Mobile Broadband Supporting Data

b. Supporting Data Requirements Video

11. Run the Final Data Checks:

a. Confirm your map data.

b. Provide explanations as justification for any warnings, or revise your data as needed.

12. Certify and submit your filing: BDC User Guide, Section 16.

a. Certification of Certifying Engineer

13. If you need to revise your filing after submitting it (Optional): Revising a Submitted Filing.

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